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Sustainability within fashion is about pairing ethics with aesthetics. We are committed to sourcing materials that will have less impact on the environment. But it s not just the fabrics that make a product sustainable, it s working to ensure that the processes we use are kind to the planet.

Sustainable fashion can be stylish, luxurious and accessible.

Being able to control the whole process- starting from design, pattern- making, fabrics procurement, sampling and production- allows us to develop exquisite products with strong visual impact while monitoring our resources and making ethical decisions. With a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, @HEDARE you’ll find only sustainable fibers and fabrics, which use less water and exert less waste along the way, making your buys better for the environment.


HEDARE use ZERO plastic when it comes to packaging.

All our packaging are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly

made out of cardboard, both the boxes and also the silk paper from inside the boxes. To meet EN 13432 standards for biodegradability, environmentally friendly packaging must degrade by a minimum of 90% within 9 months of disposal.


comes from MASTROTTO – one of the best Italian tanneries which have a deeply commitment for the environment and respect for people to build a better world for the new generations. They comply with the next system certifications:

ISO9001:2015 (Quality Management System)

  SO14001:2015  (Environmental Management System)

 Council Directive 2014/90/EU (on Marine Equipment) 

 GRU 001  LWG Gold Rated (Environmental Protocol)


IATF 16949:2016 (Automotive Production)


OEKO-TEX Leather Standard 22LT00002 CENTROCOT

(Leather goods tested for harmful substances)


“Biobased” certifications. Renewability means having a recyclability cycle between 1 and 5 years, in balance with the natural cycle of the ecosystem. Non renewable resources such as plastic and synthetic fibers, on the other hand, impoverish the ecosystem and will not be available for future generations.

We measured the renewable content of our leather in terms of the percentage of organic carbon content cut of the total carbon content.

This measurement is certified by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) through the Biobased label for products derived from renewable sources. The renewability of Gruppo Mastrotto Express leather ranges between 70% to 90%.

Sustainability issues are divided into three main area Environment, Economy and Social, in line with the ESG principles promoted by the European Union and with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.


Today Gruppo Mastrotto Express is Carbon Neutral: it produces ZERO greenhouse gases in its manufacturing processes.


Blauer Engel is a globally recognized environmental label. Blauer Engel-certified leather guarantees a higher and more stringent level of eco-friendliness than standard certifications.

Blauer Engel requirements are set by the German Ministry of the Environment and tested by RAL ( the German institution for standards management ).

Blauer Engel certified leather guarantees:

  • high environmental standards in the manufacturing process
  • low consumption of natural resources
  • high air quality indoors thanks to the near-total absence of chemical substances that are harmful to the skin


The LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX certification applies to leather production and identifies all the substances used that are harmful for humans.

The OEKO-TEX label guarantees a safe purchase for the health of both people and the environment.

OEKO-TEX updates its testing criteria at least once a year: this is how it takes into account the most recent scientific discoveries and legislation updates.


All our raw materials, components of them & final items are not tested on animals.


When you receive your perfectly picked pieces from us, you can be sure that the box packaging we provide can be used for storage.  We encourage you to give new life to your boxes or to dispose of packaging responsibly – all of which is fully recyclable

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